“Terribly Important!” Soundtrack 2/3: 4 Millennial Songs That’ll For Sure Upgrade Your Day

Leon Paul Späthling
2 min readApr 18, 2021

Music plays a big role in the life of the six “Terribly Important!” protagonists. Here you get a collection of all the music, which runs in the book:

1 Massive Töne — Cruisen

Chloes colleagues play this German tune at the company celebration and even she has to admit that the song has some good vibes. The song even reminds her at gym lessons in the second school class, where nearly everybody played from their Sony Ericsson Walkman handy their favourite song. Most of the time it was the song, which was on top of the charts like ‘Top Of The Pops’ or on CDs like ‘Smash’ and ‘Bravo’.

2 BLINK-182 — California

Pat is a rock music enthusiast. And of course he also always listened to BLINK-182. In high school times he was obsessed from their Greatest Hits album, but was too lazy to search for other song songs and albums of them. This has changed to his study times. In the university lecture fellow student John shows him their new album ‘California’. And even if he reacts more or less indifferent, he is happy, that there is someone else in his course, who loves the band.

3 New Order — Here To Stay

After the company celebration Chloe and her colleagues enter the ‘Bonygond’, an alternative bar with soccer table, table tennis table, and freedom to do and consume everything you want. Out of the loudspeakers there drones the catchy song ‘Here To Stay’ from New Order. Chloe got gifted a New Order album to her 20th birthday from her cousin, that’s why the song is familiar to her.

4 The Primitives — Crash

On his way from work to the new flat, Dan again leaves nothing to chance and plays one of his favourite childhood tunes. Since he watched the movie ‘Dumb and Dumber’ he listens to this song at least once a week.

“Terribly Important!” firstly got in a German paperback version into stores. The English version is available as an eBook at conventional stores like Amazon, Rakuten kobo and Google Books.



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