New Millennial Novel: So Crazy Are The “Terribly Important!” Protagonists 3/3

Leon Paul Späthling
2 min readApr 18, 2021

With “Terribly Important!” my new city life novel gets into the eBook stores. The story deals with six millennials, who try to find their way in working life and society. Good and dark sides of the protagonist characters gets displayed, empathy, ambitions, and goodwill kisses exploitation, manipulation, and destruction. Here you get a bio about two of the six protagonists:


Pat Smith is a typical student: Listless, lazy and planned. Superficial uni acquaintances let him stay in his dream world. Only the exams bring him now and then to reality. But why should he plan his life, when his fantasy world is so much better? He has Mozart as an alarm clock, analyses everybody, skips his courses, dreads the competition and suffers under his lack of decision-making.

“Until the lecture starts, I think we have any special module, I lay myself on the green area, where also this weird statue of the university founder is standing, and sleep for a little while. I close my eyes and think about this hot Mel from our course. I am excited, what she wears today.”


Chloe knows, how she forgets ahead through Santa Burin. She manipulates her friends and only have herself in mind. Her desire for status and pressure of competition on the social media platforms ensure, that she makes consumption controlled decisions. She is manipulative, purposeful, bisexual, obsessed from consumption, and a day romanticist.

“As my glance wanders from the smartphone display to the street again, I realize, how many men stare at me while they walk by. Actual these glances should give me confirmation. Actual. To avoid these glances, I look at my iPhone again and check my Instagram app. My yesterday’s picture has in the meantime 140 likes, which gives me a small boost.”

“Terribly Important!” firstly got in a German paperback version into stores. The English version is available as an eBook at conventional stores like Amazon, Rakuten kobo and Google Books.



Leon Paul Späthling

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