New Millennial Novel: So Crazy Are The “Terribly Important!” Protagonists 2/3

Leon Paul Späthling
2 min readApr 14, 2021

With “Terribly Important!” my new city life novel gets into the eBook stores. The story deals with six millennials, who try to find their way in working life and society. Good and dark sides of the protagonist characters gets displayed, empathy, ambitions, and goodwill kisses exploitation, manipulation, and destruction. Here you get a bio about two of the six protagonists:


Luc Herbert dreams of wealth and success. But his hard reality looks way different. As club consumer he wangles himself a way out, which gets for him more and more to a shifted labyrinth. He is a narcissistic, club dependent reality transformer, who kills and ends his relationships before it gets too serious for him.

“We lock ourselves in a threesome in the toilet and sniff in each case a line speed, drink joint the second bottle Corona and go back to the dance floor. This stuff starts after a few minutes to function. A pure wave washes away all my concerns, anxieties, and problems and lets me feel pure love. I feel incredible.


Mel finally wants to increase her standard of living, away from the room in a shared apartment, towards flat, high salary and luxury clothing. Even if her cannabis consumption not necessarily eases her hubris, she consistently pursues her dream: To have much money and to do what she wants, whenever she wants. She stuns herself with joints, has the life philosophy ‘me first’, her favourite genre is drama, and she is part of the money wicked society.

“The job in the bag I board again in my Mazda MX 5 and strike off to my both flatmates. Because I didn’t want to sell my car, I can’t afford a flat at the moment. But I pay the price with my housing situation for that — I can’t take it there anymore.”

“Terribly Important!” firstly got in a German paperback version into stores. The English version is available as an eBook at conventional stores like Amazon, Rakuten kobo and Google Books.



Leon Paul Späthling

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