New Millennial Novel: So Crazy Are The “Terribly Important!” Protagonists 1/3

Leon Paul Späthling
2 min readApr 14, 2021

With “Terribly Important!” my new city life novel gets into the bookstores. The story deals with six millennials, who try to find their way in working life and society. Good and dark sides of the protagonist characters gets displayed, empathy, ambitions, and goodwill kisses exploitation, manipulation, and destruction. Here you get a bio about two of the six protagonists:


The job controls Dan Prince totally. The exhausting meetings, day-to-day life and his coffee addiction leave him no scope for other things. He tries to break out of his hamster wheel — but impends to lose track of himself — until he runs into danger to can’t distinguish reality from fiction anymore. He lives in chaos, is a huge art lover, suffers because of too many options he has, gets nothing handled without coffee, has a big career plan in his mind, which gets more and more complicated because of the overstimulation in the big city he strolls.

“In Central city everything is so overcrowded, that I have the fear to get late to my job interview. I sit in my white Nissan 350 Z and use the waiting time in traffic jam to play Stranger By The Day from my USB-stick. For half an hour nothing is moving. I take a look on WhatsApp. Three messages from Luc.”


Sarah Keniro doesn’t have it easy in life. Her brother is a nursing case, in the job market it hails refusals, and instead of looking for a stable relationship, she rather hangs around tennis courts, parties and among their stuck friends. She distracts herself with apps, is a longtime student, criticises everybody, has a binding timidity and loves the tennis sports.

“We drive in her yellow Porsche Boxster in the Hilligans to check to location. Chloe parks her Boxster in a generous clearing and we walk a few more metres until we stand at the rock ledge. The water at the quarry is, as to childhood times, cloudy. The panorama though, also, as usual, spectacular.”

“Terribly Important!” firstly got in a German paperback version into stores. The English version is available as an eBook at conventional stores like Amazon, Rakuten kobo and Google Books.



Leon Paul Späthling

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