Launch Of My First Novel: “Terribly Important!”

Leon Paul Späthling
2 min readApr 14, 2021

“Terribly Important!”, a book about six millennials, who have to deal with technology-consumption like social media, dating-apps and online-shopping and finding their way in the new world society, is my first novel and as of now as an eBook (German And English) and paperback (German) comercially available .

The blurb of “Terribly Important!”, which consists of 188 sites, reads as follows:
Six former fellow students have to fight after their carefree and spoilered student years in the tough job market for their daily existence. Nobody wants to fall by the wayside, everybody is mercilessly willed to win the game of love, money, appeal, power and popularity. But none of them wants to pay the price for this. Technologies and apps fuel the vicious circle, from which there is for the sextet no escape. Trust gets exploited, friends get manipulated, connections get hardly established and back down again get disconnected. All of them want more and find it in services, consumption and ways out: Dating, drugs, party and the restless search.
The paperback of the German version got published in four different covers. The reason: I oriented towards clothing.
Why to oblige the reader, which cover he has to buy, when he can choose?
The German version already got in January commercially available.

The German paperback version got published in four different covers.

The book is easy to read and goes in the first person view of each of the six characters Pat, Dan, Luc, Mel, Sarah and Chloe, who are all in a different way struggling with life and all get again and again confronted with new (the wrong?) ways out. The book has an open ending and I am already in work for a successor.
“Terribly Important!” firstly got in a German paperback version into stores. The English version is available as an eBook at conventional stores like Amazon, Rakuten kobo and Google Books.



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